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Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 22:01:37 -0800
From: (Scott, Mari & Brian )
Subject: Crd: Second Sight - Lush

                         "Second Sight"
                         Written by  Miki Berenyi
                         Transcribed by Brian Ebbitt

(This needs a little improvement!)Verse: C D#/G (I think)e----0------0-------------|b----1------3-------------|g----0------0-------------|d----2------4-------------|a----3------5-------------|E----x------x-------------|
Peel back empty night Grey dawn breaks into white Sun climbing the sky Your eyes reflecting the light Clouds out of sight But when the day is through Will I see you again
Chorus: E E/Ce--0----0---------------|b--0----0---------------|g--1----2---------------|d--2----3---------------|a--2----3---------------|E--0----0---------------|Keep your eyes on meDon't let go of my handRunning togetherWe go together so wellI can tell
Run where I run Play what I play Do what I do But when this day's VerseII: through Will I see you again
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