Macc Lads – Blackpool tab

This tab may require you to do some string bending, hammering, palm muting, pick
or other guitar techniques you will be able to figure out by listening to the song. You may
have to play a chord shown more than once in sequence. This tab are in standard guitar tuning.

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Intro and Outro (1st part):

Intro and Outro (second part):
Lyrics: One day after closing I was lying on me nest When Stez shouts "get yer bags on, come on outside" So I grabbed me stripey tank-top, I had beer stains on me vest An' I said "best get some cans in, it's a long ride" Well we drove along the M6, chuckin cans at other folk An' stopped at all the services that took us Picked up some fit hitch-hikers an' we told 'em filthy jokes An' piled them in the back seet to fuck us We're going down Blackpool, alright We're going down Blackpool, fer a pint We're going down Blackpool, alight To see the lights Mutley's in the drivin' seat, Stez Styx is in the front An' we're going down to Blackpool to up some fuckin' cunt An' Peter's in the back seat an' his crack is goin' "gerrit" He's got his finger up her like a ferret Now ten miles outside Blackpool and we had some real bad luck Mutley shouts "O fuck, we've got a flat" And now Peter chucked the jack at some cunt ten mile down the road So we made him go an' get the fucker back THE TWAT You can find more great punk/oi tabs on my site: BLACKJACKAL.PHPNET.US
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