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Malcolm Middleton – Hey You chords

Malcolm Middleton - Hey You

Standard tuning

B B4 x4

B A Bhey you with the dark brown hair
Awhat you doing sitting there
B Ado you care about me?
B Awill you wait without me
D F#mI'll be back from being away
B F#mwhen I get back I'm going to stay
D F#m Bwhen I come home I'm going to pay every day
F#mwith my time
D F#myou'll be rich and I'll be more
B F#mI'll come charging down your door
D F#mscreaming stay with me (and) dont ever leave
B F#m Dcoz without you my time is slow, low and grey
F#m B F#mand I am poor just like I was before
D F#m B F#myou came to me and we agreed that things are going to change
D F#min our lives for the better
B F#m D F#min the kitchen before Assella got up for work and kicked us out
B F#min to our lives together
D F#mand this works so you should know
B F#mthat I'll never change my mind
D F#mgive me time and you will see
B F#mI'll show you what you mean to me
D so dont ever leave
F#m Band I'll never leave and you never leave
(same chords as the first part) hey you in the last verse dont be scared of the universe you should know it is wrong and you are right you come here and I'll hold you tight (repeat first part) Tabbed by ebluehands
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