Choir chords with lyrics by Malcolm Middleton - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Malcolm Middleton – Choir chords

Capo 3rd fret:

Verse - G C
Chorus - Em C G

GThere's a choir behind me
Egging me on
CPlacing their bets and hoping I'll do no wrong
GI'll do no wrong
There's a guy inside me Biding his time Standing in line and waiting for me to fall For me to fall Just figured this out so probably wrong but you can get by playing it like this. Any corrections, send to Choir - Malky Middleton:
Em C GSelf-preservation threatens us all
Em C GHealth deterioration comes to us all
There's a fag beside me Waiting to be lit Trying to trick me And make me forget I've quit I forget I've quit I take a risk everyday when I get up Do I try harder? Or continue to fuck up Fuck up There's a bear in my bed Wanting to be loved Eyes like marbles All he needs is a hug My beginner's luck is wearing thin I'll need to rely on skill if I'm going to win I'm going to win
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