Marianas Trench – September tab

September-one less reason
tabbed by killedbydeth41
Standard Tuning
listen to the song for the bridges chord changes
h=hammer on
^^=bend string
Note: use regular chords for verses, Bar chords for the chorus

Dm         C                  Bb
I saw your headlights in the window
Dm          C                   Bb
My face was pressed against the glass
Dm           C                Bb
I waited for years for you to return before I learned
Dm            C            Bb
That you were never coming back
Dm                         C              Bb
I'm gonna close my eyes before I start to scream

Dm           C                    Bb
I'm dwelling on things I've never noticed
Dm             C                          Bb
You won't save yourself, you'll never save me
Dm     C                   Bb
I only stumbled once for a moment, it was over
             Dm            C                 Bb
I think I'll close my eyes before I start to scream

            G                            Bb
You said today's the day goodbye just won't wait

(Chorus,use the bar chord versions)
Dm                          C             Bb
And if you need me to, I'll wait until September
     Dm                C              Bb
It's come and gone, November's on its way
Dm         C                    Bb
So easy to forget and hard to remember, I remember
Dm                 C                 Bb
The way to getting back our self-esteem

(Bridge,listen to the song for chord changes)
Dm Bb                Dm  Bb
Oh yeah, no regrets
                     Dm  Bb
You got no one left
Dm         Bb
I hope that every step reminds you of the ones that you left

outro following the final chorus

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