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Mary Black – Columbus tab

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Subject: "Columbus" as performed by Mary Black

# transcribed by Greg Knapp & Don Wegeng  (
# 14 January 1993

{title: Columbus}
{st: Noel Brazil}
{st: As Performed by Mary Black}

{c:(capo 2)}

[C]   [D]   [C]   [D]
[E]Better keep your distance from this [A]whale
[E]Better keep your boat from going a[A]stray
Find yourself a partner and treat them [C#m]well
[E]Try to give them shelter night and [A]day
'Cos here in this bl[G]ue light
[E]Far away from the fi[G]reside
[E]Things can get [G]twisted and crazy and [D]crowded
You can't even fe[Em]el right

So you dream of Co[C]lumbus
Every [D]time the panic starts
You dream of Co[C]lumbus
With your [D]maps and your beautiful charts
You dream of Co[Em]lumbus
With an [G]ache in your travelling he[D]art

[A]See how the cormorant swoops and [C#m]dives
[E]Must be some thrill to go that [A]deep
Down to the basement of this [C#m]life
[E]Down to where the mermaid gently [A]sleeps
Not like here in this bl[G]ue light
[E]Far away from the fi[G]reside
[E]Where things can get [G]twisted and haunted and [D]crowded
You can't even fe[Em]el alright


And as [Em]tide must [D]ebb and flow
I am [Am]dragged down [Em]under
And I [C]wait the livelong [D]day
For and [Am]end to my [Em]hunger

So I dream of Co[C]lumbus
Every [D]time that the panic starts
I dream of Co[C]lumbus
With my [D]maps and my beautiful charts
I dream of Co[Em]lumbus
And there's [G]peace in a travelling he[D]art

I dream of Co[C]lumbus...

{c:Repeat C and D chorus pattern}
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