Mat Kerekes – Silver Bill chords

Hey guys this is my very first cover by ear. Mat Kerekes is such an inspiration to 
me. This should be mostly right. Enjoy!

Mat Kerekes - Silver Bill
Capo 3
Listen to the song to hear the strumming pattern. 

F  033210
G  320010
C  032010
Am 002210
Em 022000
intro: F G C

F G CI could tell you were planning to stay.
F G C I could tell that some things hadn't changed.
F Am Em How you were saying my name with that smile on your face,
F G C Yeah, I could tell you were carried away.
F G C I heard you don't fall asleep in your bed.
F G CI heard you haven't quite found yourself yet.
F Am EmI heard you're out every night with those liquor eyes,
F G CSearching for a good man to treat you right.
F G C FI still listen to those same songs that I showed you a summer ago.
C Am Em F C G CDo you remember when I drove late that night and you didn't even bother to call?
F G C I saw you at my friends party last night.
F G CYou're still searching for something that shines.
F C Am EmI watched as you cried and I felt satisfied
F G Cand that just doesn't seem right.
F G C I've blistered the bottom of my feet,
F G C While your eyes have grown tired and weak.
Am Em F C You got your drink in your hands with your one night stands,
F G CThat stuff just never meant much to me.
F G C You layed on my bathroom floor,
F G CWith a mouth full of lies to ignore
Am Em Am C Like my brother would say, you'll realize one day.
Am Em CBut I would just like to know for sure.
F G CMy friend gave me a silver bill.
F G CHe use to keep it for good luck--and Well
Am Em Am EmWell, I don't believe in things like these,
F G CBut I keep it in my left pocket still.
F G C When every weekend is a chance to live,
F G CAnd you can't wait to do it again.
Am Em Am EmYou're clearly growing up fast, you've changed all of your plans,
F G CBut I'm still the same kid you fell in love with.
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