Mat Kerekes – Wisteria chords

                             WISTERIA - Mat Kerekes
Tuning: Standard Tuning, Capo on 1st fret

Chords:G D* C D|---| |----| |---| |---||---| |--7-| |-5-| |(3)||-4-| |--7-| |-5-| |-2-||-5-| |4/7-| |-5-| |-0-||-5-| |2/5-| |-3-| |-0-||-3-| |----| |---| |---| *does that quick slide every time he plays it during the verse
GOh, what a life for a lover.
D*I was underneath it all as you stumbled
C Dtell me where did you go?
GAnd oh what an end to your summer,
D*I was bandaging your bones.
C DI carried on although i know you wont.
GAnd oh you speak your words but you stutter.
D*I find the cure in my heart its stone and in bathroom stalls
C D I figured you'd know.
C I was hiding where were you?
Dhad something to lose.
CI was hiding where were you?
Dhad nothing better to do.
GAnd oh how you love one another
D*wishing for some kind of hope is that what you want?
C DYou always seem to know.
GAnd oh whats it like to be under?
D*Yeah i saw your face fold as you got to close
C Dslipping out of your clothes.
CI could never bare the thought,
D spent all year on my bedroom floor,
C DI've been walking someone to my car door.
G D* C DAnd oh
GAnd oh I loved you most in the summer,
D*now your body has been put to shame that innocent face
C D has gone to waste.
Lead bit: G D* C De|------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------0------------------------------|G|-4/2---4/2----0----------------0---4/2--4/2---0-0-----------------|D|-----------------4---4/2---4-4--------------------4---4/2---0-----|A|------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------|
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