Matisyahu - One Day tab version 2

This is my first tab, go easy.
This IS NOT the exact way the song is played, this is a more mellow way of playing
Tuning: Standard
Capo: None

C G Am Fe |-0-0--3-3--0-0--1-1------------------------------|B |-1-1--0-0--1-1--1-1------------------------------|G |-0-0--0-0--2-2--2-2------------------------------|D |-2-2--0-0--2-2--3-3------------- <-- Intro--| x1A |-3-3--2-2--0-0--3-3------------------------------|E |-0-0--3-3-------1-1------------------------------|
^^ Repeat throughout the song, adjusting speed depending on which part you are on.
C G Am F Ce |-0-0--3-3--0-0--1-1-----0----------------------|B |-1-1--0-0--1-1--1-1-----1----------------------|G |-0-0--0-0--2-2--2-2-----0----------------------|D |-2-2--0-0--2-2--3-3-----2------- <-- End--| x1A |-3-3--2-2--0-0--3-3-----3----------------------|E |-0-0--3-3-------1-1-----0----------------------|
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