Matt Papa – It Is Finished chords

IT IS FINISHED By: Matt Papa & Jennie Lee Riddle

I absolutely love this song. It convicts me so deeply, and reminds me of the love 
God has for us that he sent His only Son to die on a cross for us. <3 you God

Tuning: Standard (eADGBE)
Capo: 1

GOnce and for all
COnce and for all
Em CYou offered up Your life
GFor one and all
CFor one and all
Em CThe perfect sacrifice
(pre chorus)
D Em CAtoning blood was shed
D Em CLove conquered when You said
GIt is finished
CIt is done
Em DTo the world Salvation comes
G/B CHallelujah, We're alive
Em DHell was silenced when You cried
C D EmIt is Finished
C D GIt is Finished
(verse 2) Who is this King Who is this King So mighty and so strong He is the One He is the One the earth has waited for (pre chorus) God's remedy for sin with mercy for all men (bridge)
Em D/F#The earth shook and trembled, the sun bowed it's head
G Cthe veil of the temple was opened for man as
Jesus went down in the cold of the grave defeated the darkness when He overcame the keys of the kingdom were placed into hands of children and priests and of fishers of men Through all generations His voice will be heard creation resounds the victorious words (double chorus) It is finished It is done to the world Salvation comes Hallelujah, We're alive Hell was silenced when You cried It is Finished It is done Now completed, the work of Love Hallelujah, He's alive Join the song of the ransomed Bride It is Finished. ------------------------------------------------------ Please comment and rate! I'll gladly work on more songs by request. :) - Graham5866
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