Matt Papa – Lord From Sorrows Deep I Call chords

[Verse 1]
G C D EmLord, from sorrows deep I call
G C Em DWhen my hope is shaken
G C D EmTorn and ruined from the fall
C G D GHear my desperation
D G CFor so long I've plead in prayer
Am G Em D"God, come to my rescue"
G C D EmEven so, the thorn remains
C Am D EmStill my heart will praise You
[Interlude] Em C [Verse 2]
G C D EmStorms within my troubled soul
G C Em DQuestions without answers
G C D EmOn my faith these billows roll
C G D GGod, be now my shelter
D G CWhy are you cast down, my soul?
Am G Em DHope in Him who saves you
G C D EmWhen the fires have all grown cold
C Am D GCause this heart to praise You
[Interlude] G C D Em G C Em D G C D Em C G D G [Verse 3]
G C D EmShould my life be torn from me
G C Em DEvery worldly pleasure
G C D EmWhen all I possess is grief
C G D GGod, be then my treasure
D G CBe my vision in the night
Am G Em DBe my hope and refuge
G C D EmTill my faith is turned to sight
C Am D GLord, my heart will praise You
D G C GOh, my soul, put your hope in God
D Em C GMy Help, my Rock, I will praise Him
D G C EmSing, oh sing, through the raging storm
Am G C GYou're still my God, my Salvation
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