Matt Papa – Glorious Is Thy Name chords

Bb, Dm, Eb, Eb
Bb Dm EbBlessed Savior we adore Thee
Bb Dm EbWe Thy love and grace proclaim
Gm D/F# Ddim CmThou art mighty, Thou art holy
Eb Bb/F F IntroGlorious is Thy matchless name
Bb Dm EbGreat Redeemer, Lord and Master
Bb Dm EbLight of all eternal days
Gm D/F# Ddim CmLet the saints from every nation
Eb Bb/F F GmSing Thy just and endless praise
Bb F Dm EbGlorious, Glorious
Gm Ab EbGlorious is Thy name
Bb F D EbGlorious, Glorious
Gm Ab Eb F7 IntroGlorious is Thy name oh Lord
From the throne of heavenʼs glory To the cross of sin and shame Thou didst come and die a ransom Guilty sinners to reclaim Glorious, Glorious Glorious is Thy name Glorious, Glorious Glorious is Thy name oh LordCome, o come Immortal Savior Come and take Thy royal throne Come and reign and reign forever Be the Kingdom all Your own Chorus
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