Matthew Perryman Jones – Out Of Reach chords

G (Strum a few times with pattern)

GYou're always bound to fall
Cthere's nothing you can do
Amthe weight of gravity begins
Gto pull you down again
Gso what are you to do now?
Cstuck between the hope and doubt
Amyou get so close to clarity
Gmakes you question everything
CYou're so far away
Gso far away from me
CIs it starting to break
Gunderneath my feet
CYou're so far away
GAm I just out of reach?
G (1st time: strum - leads to verse 2) -BRIDGE- (2nd time: Go to bridge) VERSE 2
GWe keep talking in circles
Cstaring out with empty eyes
Amwanting to be known again
Gbut so afraid of letting in
Gso do i leave it all to history?
Cwill you ever answer me?
Amdo you still recognize my voice
Gor is it lost among the noise
EmWhile the world unravels
Cwe're kicking at shadows
Gand everyone around us
Dis making up chaos
Emoh, I cannot find you
CI'm walking like I'm blinded
G Dam I saying anything at all?
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