Matthew Perryman Jones – Only You chords

Matthew Perryman Jones......Only You Chords

These Chords are for piano as I worked it out by ear, 
should be simple enough to play on guitar too with 
transposing and capo etc, this is my first 
submission so feedback would be great!


B C#mHow can I forget you
E BWhen memories come and go
B C#mYou're all I've ever wanted
E BYou're all I've ever known
C#mCan I be happy
E BLiving with your ghost?
B C#mThe pictures tell the story
E BI took them off the wall
B C#mIt's hard enough to get through
E BI still can feel the fall
C#m E BDo you even think of me at all?
B C#mOh, I want you
E BOnly you
B C#mI want you
E BOnly You
B C#mI can start it over
E BAnd find somebody new
B C#mA beautiful distraction
E BJust a hand to hold on to
C#m But if you ask me
E BWould that love be true?
B C#mNo, I want you
E BOnly you
B C#mI want you
E BOnly you
EI want to taste you again
AbmLike a secret or a sin
Breathin' out, breathin' in
E F# F#sus4There is no one else for me
Chorus x2
B C#mI want you
E BOnly you
End. Thanks! Submitted by Blackleaf5
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