Mccoys – Beat The Clock tab

Beat the Clock

G                   F       C    G                 F           C
I was born a little premature,   Mom just couldn't take no more
G                       F    G                     F         
Had no time to learn to cry, Goodbye, Mama, got to fly
G                   F             C    
Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye

Entered school when I was two, PhD'd that afternoon
Never entered any sports, Didn't look too good in shorts
Got divorced when I was four

I've seen everything there is, I've done everything there is
I've met everyone but Liz now I've even met ol' Liz
No time for relationship, skip the foreplay, let 'er rip
You gotta beat the clock, beat the clock, Beat the clock, beat the clock

I did lots of travelling, Parts of me unraveling
The Army then rejected me, Said I had two flat feet
Wore them out when I was three

Too bad there ain't ten of you, Then I'd show you what I'd do
I could cheat on five of you and be faithful to you too
But there's only one of you


by: José Duarte
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