Mccoys - Hang On Sloopy tab

drums first, then bass comes in

VERSESe|--------------------------------|B|--------------------------------|G|---------5---5-7---7---7-3------|D|---5---5-3---5-7---7---7-3---7--|A|---5---5-3---3-5---5---5-5---7--|E|---3---3---------------------5--| then starts all over.repeat as many times as neccessary.
CHORUSe|------------------------------|B|------------------------------|G|-----------5-5----7-7-7----5--|D|---5-5-5---5-5----7-7-7----5--|A|---5-5-5---3-3----5-5-5----3--|E|---3-3-3----------------------| repeat this until as many times as neccessary then return to this until solo--|
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