Meg And Dia – The One chords

Verses: F Am C A#
Chorus: F C Dm A# 
Bridge: G (bar chord) C(bar chord) F A#
 G(bar chord) A# G C

lyrics by: Dia Frampton

Just go, Just walk away,
so bittersweet, you're already far away.  
Take with you, our memories
They're opening like summer flowers.

Don't you be fooled
I loved you more, than I would ever dare tell you, I'd ever dare tell you.
I'll let you go, I'm only holding you back,
You're more than a small town, you're more than a small soul.

Close those pretty eyes.  Don't look behind.
What did I tell you?  That past is past, don't let it follow you.
Don't think, that by any day....I'll forget your face.
How could one forget you?

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