Melissa Etheridge – My Back Door tab

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Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996 22:07:21 -0500
Subject: My Back Door

                                   - My Back Door-
                         Melissa Etheridge--  Brave and Crazy

G          Dsus    D  ( <--as if you didn't see it coming : )]   Em      C

G           C         G                D

Cmaj7                                                        G
When I was a child I dreamed like a child of wonder
           C                                                                G
with my back to the grass   my eyes to the sky to see
F                                                    C
I believed in the stars   I knew they cast a spell that I was under
F                                               C
With my fingers in the dirt, I was part of the earth
Every living thing was part of me
But it's gone
It's gone
It's gone
it's gone
G                              C                                            G
I can't feel it                    I can't feel it    Must have gone away
                          C                             G
out my back door    must have gone away out my back door
       C                                    G                        D
because it's gone
Em                                                   C
        So I run into the street
And I'm shouting into the phone  asking everyone I meet
   Em                                                                      C

I say   "Have you seen it on my doorstep did you see it in my car?
Have you seen it in the alley?   Was it on the back of some guitar?
Is it sleeping in the hallway?  Does it cry all night alone?

Is it selling itself for money?  Does it want- does it want to come home?
C                        G                       C                        G
I can't let it run away out my back door can't let it run away out my back
C                              G                      C
door    Lord, if I look out there, if I look out there,  every day
I can't let it run away ,   I can't let it run away,   I can't let it run
Oh if I look out there every day

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