Mellencamp John – Paper In Fire tab

B7(no 3rd)   E/B                 B5
She had a dream and boy it was a good one

B7(no 3rd)              E/B               B5
So she chased after her dream with much desire

B7(no 3rd)           E/B               B5
But when she got too close to her expectations
         A              E                  B5
Well the dream burned up like paper in fire

              D                     B5
     Paper in fire, stinkin' up the ashtray
              A                    E
     Paper in fire, smokin' up the alley ways
              A                        E
     Who's to say the way a man should spend his days
                     A      E              B5
     Do you let them smolder like paper in fire?

He wanted live with no involvement
So he chased the wind that's all his silly life required
And the days of vanity went on forever
And he saw his days burn up like paper in fire



D    B5    D    E    D    B5    E    A  D  B5

There is a good life right across this green field
And each generation stares at it from afar
But we keep no check on our appetites
So the green fields turn to brown like paper in fire


Chords:   B7(no 3rd)     x242xx
          E/B            x22100
          B5             x244xx

Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 08:34:22 -0800
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