Mercy Me – The Nails In Your Hands chords

The Nails In Your Hands (Forever My Life Is Yours)
Key: GChords by Samson(from Trinidad)....I'm a beginner so I'm not positive it's a 100%
right but it works for me according to the way Mercy Me sings it...hope it helps... :) Intro: G Em C D Verse 1:
GThe nails in Your hands
EmThe nail in Your feet
C DThey tell me how much You love me
Verse 2:
GThe thorns on Your brow
EmThey tell me how
C DYou bore so much shame to love me
G EmAnd when the heavens pass away
G EmAll Your scars will still remain
G C DAnd forever they will say how much You love me
GForever my love
EmForever my heart
C DForever my life is Yours
GIs Yours
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