Michael Card – Immanuel chords

Immanuel (unofficial lead sheet) 				Michael Card
based on live performance w/ Steve Green & Mike Card - YouTube video

Verse 1
Am F G C Am FA sign shall be given, a virgin will conceive, a hu-man baby bearing
C#m F G Am F G C-CMaj7 undiminished deity. The glory of the nations, A light for all to see
Am F C#m F G---- Hope for all who will embrace, His warm re-ali-ty Chorus
C F G Em-G Am C#m Em F G Em FImmanuel, Our God is with us, And if God is with us, Who could stand
G Am F Em F G C against us? Our God is with us, Immanuel
(Em may be good transition to bridge) Bridge
F G Em Am F G Em-AmFor all those who live in the shadow of death, A glorious light has dawned
F G Em Am F G CFor all those who stumble in the dark-ness, Behold your light has come
Chorus Verse 2
Am F G C-CMaj7 Am So what will be your answer? Will you hear the call? Of Him who did not
F C#m F G Am spare His son but gave him for us all, On earth there is no
F G C-CMaj7power, There is no depth or height
Am F C#m F G That will ever sep-a-rate us, From the love of God in Christ
Chorus Interpretation of live performance by Joe Schneider
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