Michael Card – The Nazarene chords

THE NAZARNE  By Michael Card

CThe Nazarene had come to live the life of every man
Em/B Am Em FAnd He felt the fascination of the stars
GAnd as He wandered through this weary world
C Em/B AmHe wandered and He wept
F G F C Em/BFor there were so few who’d listen to His call
Am Em F C Em/BHe came, He saw, He surrendered all
Am Em FSo that we might be born again
F G C Em/B AmAnd the fact of His humanity was there for all to see
F GFor He was unlike any other man
F G CAnd yet so much like me
2nd verse
C Em/BThe Nazarene could hunger, and the Nazarene could cry
Am Em FAnd He could laugh with all the fullness of His heart
F GAnd those who hardly knew Him
C Em/B AmAnd those who knew Him well
F G F C Em/BCould feel the contradiction from the start CHORUS
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