Michael Card – Come To The Table chords

C F G CCome to the table and savor the sight
F C GThe wine and the bread that was broken
C F G CAnd all have been welcomed to come if they might
F C GAccept as their own these two tokens
F G AmThe bread is His body, the wine is the blood
F G Gsus4And the one who provides them is true
F G AmHe freely offers, we freely receive
F Fm GTo accept and believe Him is all we must do
CCome to the table and taste of the glory
FAnd savor the sorrow, He's dying tomorrow
G AmThe hand that is breaking the bread
F G Gsus4 GSoon will be broken
CAnd here at the table, sit those who have loved Him
F One is a traitor and one will deny
G AmBut He's lived his life for them all
F G CAnd for all be crucified
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