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Popsicle Toes
* performed by Michael Franks
* submitted by rickandkarendauer@msn.com

A7                        D7
When God gave out rythym, he sure was good to you.
             A7        B7                  E7
You can add, subtract, multiply and divide by two.
A7                                  D7
I know today's your birthday, and I did not buy no rose.
          A7                E7            Eb7  D7            A7
But I wrote this one instead, and I call it ---  "Popsicle Toes".

Am7       D9   Gmaj7    Gm7
Popsicle Toes
           C9                Fmaj7        Cmaj7
Popsicle Toes are always froze.
           F9                BbMaj7
Popsicle Toes,
           Bbm7         Eb9        Abm7            Db9
you're so brave to expose all those Popsicle Toes.

RIFF   E7  E7+9

A7                                        D7
You must have been Miss Pennsylvania with all this pulchritude.
             A7                B7             E7
How come you always load your Pentax when I'm in the nuce?
We ought to have a birthday party,
and you can wear your birthday clothes.
          A7                   E7            Eb7  D7            A7
Then we can hit the floor and go explore those --- Popsicle Toes.


A7                                   D7
You got the nicest North America this sailor ever saw.
          A7                B7                  E7
I like to feel your warm Brazil and touch your Panama.
           A7                     D7
But your Tiera del Fuegos are nearly always froze.
         A7                E7        Eb7  D7          A7
We gotta see-saw until we unthaw those --- Posicle Toes.

 E7+9    Eb7    D9     C9     F9     Eb9    Db9
022133 001323 X54555 032333 X87888 X65666 X43444

E----------|-----::|B----------|-----::|G----------|-----::|D----------|-----::| E7 E7 E7+9A-----0-4-0|-----::|E-0-3------|-3-2-::|
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