Mick Flannery – Boston chords

mick plays this on piano so i have been using a fairly loose pick with some light 
strumming.....wont matter how you play it cause its a great song!
also i havent figured out the intro yet..ENJOY!

D G2010 in boston town
D Gthe leaves are golden brown
D Gwe take the kids to town
A Dto see the fair
D Gbig wheel is turning round
D Ghear that homely sound
D Gwe're walking thru the crowd
A Din the evening air
A Dsee our boy hold his sister near
A Duntil they're in the clear
Bm Gyou whisper in my ear
A Dthat one's going to heaven
D Gchorus: you've no idea do you
A D what i'll do for you
Bm G to have so much to lose
A D is the only feeling
D Gi ran around my time
D Gi stood in every line
D Gi couldnt stop my mind
A Dfrom dreaming of ya
D Gand when i laid eyes on you
D Gi knew that race was thru
D Gand when i spoke to you
A Di told it so
A Dyou said 'i think you're a fool'
A Dand i said 'i know you do'
Bm Gbut i'd run away with you
A Dif you ask me nicely
D G2050 boston town
D Gthe son is sitting down
D Gits the only feeling now
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