Mick Flannery – California chords

Song: California
Artist: Mick Flannery
Album: White Lies

Okay so. This is California. I love this song. Great guitar in it. I called this 
a chords tab because it is mostly chords but I'll tab out the intro and a fill.

Okay, Mick has a guitar style of using pick and his 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers. A 
mix between picking and finger picking basically. So for this intro just use 
whatever you find easiest.

Dsus4: x54010

Intro: (make the chord shapes. the tabbing is based around them)

Dsus4 C G Dsus4 C E|---------------------------------------------------|B|----3-3---0-1-----1------0--------3-3---0-1--------|G|--------0-----------0-2----2-0--------0------------|D|--4-----------2-----------------4------------------|A|--5-------------3---------------5-----------2-3-0--|E|-------------------------3-------------------------|
G G G GE|-----------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------|G|--------0-------0-------0-------0--|D|------0-------0-------0-------0----|A|----2-------2-------2-------2------|E|--3-------3-------3-------3--------|
Verse 1
G BmLady, come into my room,
Em Dsus4I pretend I'm sleeping, half an eye on you,
G BmSlow, you take of your clothes,
EmYou knew I was watching,
Dsus4 Said "How'd you like to show?'
D C Then I told you I loved you
Fill And you said yeah I know,
D C Babe I thought I could die
Fill Before I'd ever let go.
G G G GE|-----------------------------------|B|------------------------0-----------|G|--------0-------0---------------0--|D|------0-------0-------0-------0----|A|----2-------2-------2-------2------|E|--3-------3-------3-------3--------|
Verse 2
G BmWell, I fell under a spell
EmAll the love you gave me
Dsus4I took it from myself,
G BmAnd no matter what you tried
EmI wouldn't let you help me
Dsus4 Or look you in the eye,
D C I remember the day that we
Fill Said our goodbyes,
D C Though I can't for the life of me
Fill Remember why
D Em I'm still going into town now too often,
Am D B7 EmNails in my coffin, to auld lang syne,
D C Dsus4Everytime, everytime
Violin solo Em Am D B7 Em D C C Verse 3
G BmI, I was afraid of time,
Em I I didn't change me
Dsus4I would fall behind,
G BmAnd so, I went on the road,
EmOn to California,
Dsus4Here I am alone
D C I know how to do right
Fill But I've been getting it wrong,
D C Now I'm sitting here hoping
Fill I'll come back to form
G G G GE|-----------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------|G|--------0-------0-------0-------0--|D|------0-------0-------0-------0----|A|----2-------2-------2-------2------|E|--3-------3-------3-------3--------|
G BmOoooooh Oooooooh
Em Dsus4Ooooooh Oooooooh
G BmOoooooh Oooooooh
Em Dsus4Ooooooh Oooooooh
Outro (much the same as intro)
Dsus4 C G Dsus4 C G E|--------------------------------------------------1---|B|----3-3---0-1-----1------0--------3-3---0-1-------0---|G|--------0-----------0-2----2-0--------0-----------0---|D|--4-----------2-----------------4-----------------0---|A|--5-------------3---------------5-----------2-3-0-2---|E|-------------------------3------------------------3---|
That's it! If you've any questions or spot something that I completely screwed up then comment! Tomorrow's Paper is next! Whenever I'm bothered! Long Live Mick!
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