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Minutes to Midnight  by Midnight Oil
from the album "Red Sails in the Sunset"

   Everybody say God is a good man

   Ah, clock on the world

Driving a dumptruck up to the sun

   A sigh in the human heart

Am     G           D           G
   I look at the clock on the wall

    Am          G         D         G
It says three minutes to midnight

 Am        G           D      G
Faith is blind when we're so near

Phar Lap floating in a jar

Seas full of submarines, A.W.A.C.'s like flies

Truth gets harder to define

     Talking in tongues

Am             G         D            G
   But the dancer's hand   grips the rail

    Am            G             D G
And fingers will blister on the 88's

Am           G        D          G
Hope drains out the side of the page

     But ears can't hear

     What eyes don't see

                        Cm (?)     G/B
     And you can't see me

Am - with solo: (played on a 12-string)e-|------------------------------------------------5--------------|B-|------------------------------------------------5--------------|G-|------------------------------------------------5--------------|D-|---/7-----5-------------------------------------7--------------|A-|----------------7-----5---3-5-7-----------------7--------------|E-|------------------------------------------------5--------------|
Am - with solo:e-|---------------------------------------------------------------|B-|---------------------------------------------------------------|G-|---------------------------------------------------------------|D-|-/7-----5------------------------------------------------------|A-|--------------7-----5---3-5-7---555555530-3-----555555530-3----|E-|---------------------------------------------------------------|
D with solo: then F with solo:e-|------------------------| e-|------------------------|B-|------------------------| B-|------------------------|G-|-/7-------4-----5-------| G-|-/7-------4-----5-------|D-|------------------------| D-|------------------------|A-|------------------------| A-|------------------------|E-|------------------------| E-|------------------------|
Cm (?) G/B Am Everybody say God is a good man Am Everybody say 1,2,3 Am Set up those gunsights in H.G.Wells' backyard Am I.C.B.M.'s, S.S.20's, they lie so dormant, they got so many Am G D G Remember your childhood Am G D G Remember your journey Am G D G Hope is what you say and do D But ears can't hear F What eyes don't see Cm (?) And you can't see me Am D But ears can't hear F What eyes don't see D But ears can't hear F What those eyes don't see And you can't see me End p.s. I'm still not sure if that's a Cminor or a Cmajor?! Jonathan Hart Oils@total.net
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