Reach Out chords with lyrics by Mike Doughty - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Mike Doughty – Reach Out chords

Mike Doughty - from "The Flip is Another Honey"
(Cheap Trick cover)
This is a fun and easy Cheap Trick cover that Mike Doughty does.  Feel free to post any 
corrections, but this works pretty well for me...DB

EbNo one's going to give it away
EbThey make it hard for the people today.
Cm C# EbTo get what you want, you've got to do it yourself.
EbDon't be afraid to drive the nail in the wood.
Or drink the bottle if it tastes so good.
Cm C# EbYou'll go the distance. You never thought that you could.
Ab BbReach out and take it.
Ab Eb CmReach out and ta-ta take it.
Ab BbReach out and take it.
Ab Eb CmReach out and ta-ta-ta take it.
Ab Bb EbReach out and take it. Oh, yeah!
EbCough up the cash when you go over and over.
EbBefore the old one's gone, you've got a new owner.
Cm C# EbYou need assistance when your head's in the clouds.
EbYou could live easy if life stood still.
EbYou could be faking and breaking and taking it all.
Cm C#But then you know you're gonna fall.
BbDon't have to take it so hard.
C#Don't have to take it so, so hard.
BbDon't have to take it so hard.
C# EbDon't have to take it so HARD!
(Chorus X2)
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