Janine tab with lyrics by Mike Doughty - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Mike Doughty – Janine tab

Doughty uses a fretted G5 for the G, and a fretted F1 for the chorus. Not sure of the absolute
terminology, but here are the corrections below:

C Am F/G Ge---3-----3-----x-----0-|B---1-----1-----1-----0-|G---0-----2-----2-----6-|D---2-----2-----3-----7-|A---3-----0-----x-----7-|E---x-----x-----x-----5-|
then, in the chorus, he uses F as such:
Am Fe--3-----1-|B--1-----1-|G--2-----2-|D--2-----3-|A--0-----3-|E--x-----1-|
*thanks to myles@virtualmyles.com who did all the work, I just cut and pasted...
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