Misc Unsigned Bands – Dallas Dumas - Dont Wake Me Up Till Im A War Hero tab

introe--7+++++--12++++----------------|B--------------------------------|G--------------------------------|D--------------------------------|A-----------------5-4-2----------|E--7++++++--------3-2-0+++--3/1--| nh nh nh
main riffe---------------------------------|B---------------------------------|G---------------------------------|D-----------0h1p0-3-1-0-----------|A-------1---------------3-1-0-----|E--1-2-3--3-------------------3-1-|
this top part is not distorted but is played hard heres the bar chords G a# a dont wake me up till im a war hero G a# a when I wake up put a bullet through my brain G a# a and say that I died on the front lines again G a# a when I wake up put a bullet through my skull G a# a when I wake up your arms blown off strum em and e backwards alternatind 2 times then as power chords b a# a g#
intro main riffx3 chords intro ending
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