Misc Unsigned Bands – Evelyn Evelyn - You Only Want Me Cause You Want My Sister tab

To the tab-approval person, Evelyn Evelyn do not have an official website, but they do 
a myspace and a profile on the Eleven Records website. Here are the links:
http://www.elevenrecords.com/     (scroll down in the catalogue and click  Elephant 
by Evelyn Evelyn)
There are no tabs by Evelyn Evelyn right now, and it says i'm supposed to provide those, 

Sorry, the lyrics might be a little off!

intro:  C   D   G   G/F#  Em   C   

G                                   D
Pulled up at the house at half past seven

       Em                    C                                 G
In your '69 Apollo (?), you shook hands with my father and we stopped

off at the drug store by the drive-in

         Em                           C
for some Trojans and a six-pack, but still your eyes kept wandering back to

Am                C
her. It's always her.

So let's get one thing straight and out here, sir.

       C                   D              G    G/F#  
If you think you're seeing double, let me take you some trouble (?).

     C                D                G               C
This ain't no two-for-one but in here, mister. 'Cause i'm much more than

D             G     G/F#    Em            C 
just my side, had enough to tiny guys who only want me 'cause they want my


G                                     D                              Em
My eyes are just as blue as her's, my hair is just as fine, and that tattoo

                    C                                   G
on her lower back's exactly just like mine. But if you look beneath the

                  D                                Em
surface, we're as different as can be. And there's just one part that

                             C                            Am
feasts for you (?) and that part belongs to me and not to her, it's always

C          Am                                    D
her so let's get one thing straight if i'm your girl.

(repeat chorus)

C   D   G   G/F#  Em   C   

Em                                C                               G
And if tomorrow you should die my sister wouldn't bat an eye, she doesn't

                           D                             Em
even know your name, she's going with some other guy. As long as she is

             C                                 Am
still around i'll always be a trace of doubt I need to know your love

is real, but how?

G                                          D
We're all dressed up, the flowers sure are pretty. Mother

 Em                                C                                   G
 pays her last respects (?) I look around, no one respects that it was me, I

                         D          C                                Am
 put some Drain-O in her coffee and now that she is underground i'll know

                                  C                   Am               D
that youre not hanging 'round for her, not for her and now I know your love

is true for sure.


C                    D                 G
It pains my heart to think of her as a rotting, singing, maggot-infested,

                                    Em                     C
bloating, pus-oozing corpse of a leaving her (?!), and you can't imagine

D               Em            C              D       
just how much I miss her. But now I know you want me, not my sister.

Note:|-3-||---||---| <- G/F# I'm not sure if that is the correct name, but i'm pretty|---| sure it is. Anyway, that's how it's played in this tab!|---||-2-|
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