Tragic Story - If I Told You I Loved You Any More I Would Go Mute tab with lyrics by Misc Unsigned Bands - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Misc Unsigned Bands – Tragic Story - If I Told You I Loved You Any More I Would Go Mute tab


e-------------------------|B--5-5--3-3---8-8--3-3----|G---0----0-----0----0-----| x4D-------------------------|A-3----0-----7----2-------|E-------------------------|
e-----------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------|G-----------------------------------------|D-----------------------------------------| x4A---22222222-55555555-77777777-00000000---|E---33333333-33333333-55555555-22222222---|
So you like it when i sing when i whisper in your ear speaking words so sweet every word you want to hear, Laying your head on my chest listen my heartbeat as i'll lie awake and think how lucky i am, Chorus
e-----------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------|G-----------------------------------------|D-----------------------------------------| x4A---33333333-77777777-33333333-55555555---|E---55555555-55557777-22223333-55555555---|
And everynight ill sing this song to you and we will both fall a little bit harder, And evernight ill hold you tight and think how luck i am Verse Repeat Laying here wondering if this is all a dream this love is real and so are we shaken by what feels so right (feels so right) holding you as we fall a sleep tonight Chorus Repeat x2 Bridge
e-----------------------------------------|B-55555555-33333333-88888888-33333333-----|G-00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000-----| x2D-----------------------------------------|A-33333333-00000000-77777777-22222222-----|E-----------------------------------------|
Spend tonight ( spend tonight ) sweet lullaby (sweet lullaby) Fall asleep to my voice
Every Kiss every touch feels so right Chorus while playing bridge End
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