Misc Unsigned Bands - Lloyd Price - Stagger Lee chords

Stagger Lee:Lloyd Price.
#7 in UK and #1 USA in 1959.
(Song is alleged to be based on a true story.)

INTRO:(Slow)  (Capo 1st fret.)
C F CThe night was clear, and the moon was yellow..
G7 CAnd the leaves came tumblin' down...
#1.(fast, rock.)
C C7I was standin' on the corner,
FWhen I heard my bull dog bark.
CHe was barkin' at the two men
G7 C G7Who were gamblin' in the dark.
C C7It was Stagger Lee and Billy,
F7Two men who gambled late.
CStagger lee threw a seven,
G7 C G7Billy swore that he threw eight.
CStagger Lee, said Billy,
FI can't let you go with that.
CYou have won all my money,
G7 C G7And my brand-new Stetson hat.
CStagger Lee went home,
FAnd he got his forty-four.
CHe said, I'm goin' to the barroom
G7 CJust to pay that debt I owe.
G7(Go, Stagger Lee.)
CStagger Lee went to the barroom,
FAnd he stood across the barroom door.
C G7 C G7He said, Nobody move, and he pulled his .44.
CStagger Lee, cried Billy,
FOh, please don't take my life!
CI've got three little children,
G7 C G7And a very sickly wife.
CStagger Lee shot Billy.
FOh, he shot that poor boy so bad..
CThat the bullet went through Billy
G7 C And broke the bartender's glass.
G7(Look out now.)
C C7 F7Go, Stagger Lee..go, Stagger Lee..go, Stagger Lee..
C G7 CGo, Stagger Lee..go, go...Fade.
A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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