Letsmakeascene - Leaving It Behind Its Harder Than I Thought chords ver. 2 with lyrics by Misc Unsigned Bands - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Misc Unsigned Bands – Letsmakeascene - Leaving It Behind Its Harder Than I Thought chords ver. 2

Intro: (plucking)
G Gaug
Pluck:G: 6, 5, 5, 4, 3
      Gaug: 5, 4, 4, 3, 2

GIf this little town is all we know, then why is it so easy to just let it go?
GaugWe could leave in a heartbeat
GJust forget it all and not look back, but we'd never see anything wrong with
GOh, this podunk sad excuse for a city has been good to me my whole life, holds my memories
GaugBut I could leave so easily
GI could go with every intention of never coming back, and I'd never see
Gauganything wrong with that
GaugThis town may not be what we want, but right now, it's pretty much all we've got.
We could stay here every minute or leave it behind; we could leave without thinking or just live our lives. Either way we go, this town is all we know
GI know there's really nothing to do, but when you were younger, that didn't matter to you
GaugWould you believe it's been that long?
GFourteen years down, so much more to come, but could my time here really be
GI know you won't say it, but this town is our home, hell, our school is where we
played our first show
GaugI can't believe we'd just forget that
Gwe think we can take on anything that comes, but I don't want to think my
Gaugtime here is done
G (powerchord strumming)Putting my teenage mentality aside
Gaug (powerchord strumming) This town has pretty much been my whole life
G (powerchord strumming)And while it sure is all I know
Gaug (standard strumming) It's too damn easy to let it go
G (standard strumming)I could forget this all an not look back, but I'd just be moving on, and
Gaugwhat's wrong with that?
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