Misc Unsigned Bands - Avalanche City - Love Love Love chords


Song: Love Love Love
Artist: Avalanche City
Album: Our New Life Above The Ground

This is a fantastic song and I hope I got it right!  Any corrections welcome :)

Standard tuning

D/F 200232
Bm 224432
G 320033
Asus4 002230
Em7 022030* next to chord means strum once.
Also the full lyrics can be found at avalanchecity.com... Intro D/F Verse
D/F-----Bm----------G----------------D/FGirl I say if only life would lean our way...
(repeat through verse) Asus4 before chorus Chorus
Bm---------- G-------- D/F------- Asus4I heard your heart sing Love Love Love x4
D/F---Bm------------ G--------------------D/FOoh it seems awfully far for us to find at all..
Chorus ending before bridge goes D/F Asus4 A . Bridge Em7*-------------G*-----------Bm*---------Asus4* ---And all the life about to go is in my mind
Em7---------------------G-------------Bm-----------Asus4Cause all the loudest voices in the world are never right.
Picking on G string= 6th fret, 4th fret (long pause) 7th frete|--------------------------|B|--------------------------|G|---6--4--------7----------|D|--------------------------|A|--------------------------|E|--------------------------|
Chorus Same chords as chorus Woah oh oh oh, Love Love Love...x4 End on Asus4
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