Misc Unsigned Bands - Corona - Rhythm Of The Night chords

Well, it's my fisrt tab, so be good with me :) This is a dance song from 90's, 
which has a pop cover made by an italian group (Ex-Otago). This is the tab.

Intro: F - Am - Gmaj7 - Dsus4.

(F)You could put some joy upon my face
(Am)oh sunshine in an empty place
(Gmaj7) (Dsus4)take me to turn to and babe I'll make you stay
(F)Oh I can ease you of your pain
(Am)feel you give me love again
(Gmaj7) (Dsus4)round and round we go, each time I hear you say
(F)This is the rhythm of the night
(Am)the night
(G)oh yeah
(Dsus4)the rhythm of the night
(F)This is the rhythm of my life
(Am)my life
(G)oh yeah
(Am)the rhythm of my life
(F)Won't you teach me how to love learn
(Am)there'll be nothing left for me to yearn
(Gmaj7) (Dsus4)think of me burn and let me hold your hand
(F)I don't wanna face the world in tears
(Am)please think again I'm on my knees
(Gmaj7) and so on!! Hugs :)
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