Misc Unsigned Bands – Joshua Moore - Do You Know How Much I Love You chords

G C DWatching the sun set in the distance
G C DLying down with her in my arms
C D GBut does she know how much i love her?
G C DI whisper gently in her ear
G C DThe words that only true love speaks
C D GThe words, so simple, so precious
G C D/F#Oh does she know the words of love worth speaking
G C D/F#Does she know the words I long to say
G C D/F#Does she know how much I long to tell her
C D/F#That I love her
G C DHer head rests gently on my shoulders
G C DThe stars in her eyes shine like diamonds
C D GShe's so precious, so beautiful
G C DWe just lie there, hand in hand
G C DWatching the sun go slowly down
C DHow much I love her
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