Misc Unsigned Bands – Blue Monday For The Handymen- Mr Negative Or Just Real chords

Vers: Am-C-G-Am
Chorus: C-G-Am-G-F-F-Am

Hey what can I say I am not your average man, I do it my way, not the abc way.
Some call it bad some call it arrogant some says you are the best, and are satisfied.
But why are everybody so obsessed with what everyone else, is saying?

(Chorus) They call it negative they say its cruel, I call it realistic and not brutal,
Mr. Negative or just real, Mr negative or just real, real.

Everybody says negative is wrong, what happens, when positive makes harm?
Positive can also be naive and make it even, to warm.
Being negative or realistic call it what you want, works for me try it out.


Sometimes realistic is sucess, positive is sometimes a mess.
You need your goals expectations and dreams, but keep it real, or your world comes down.
It works for me should work for you, being in your dreamworld, ends up a negative mess.

Mr Negative or just real, Mr. Negative or just real, Mr. Negative or just real, real...

So does this make me Mr.Negative or what? I am always smiling and making it happen.
Try being real maybe it makes your life positive,  I am positive!
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