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The Ballad of Davey Crockett

G                         C      G
Born on a mountain top in Tennessee,
G                       A          D
Greenest state in the land of the free.
G                         C          Am
Raised in the woods so he knew every tree
D7                                  G
Killed him a "bar" when he was only three.
G      C      G        D           D7    G
Davey, Davey Crockett, king of the wild frontier.
G                                C      G
Fought single handed through the Indian war,
G                                 A            D
Till' the Creeks were whipped and peace was in store,
  G                        C     Am
While he was handling this risky chore,
D7                            G
made himself a legend forever more.
G      C      G        D           D7         G
Davey, Davey Crockett, the man who don't know fear.

(rest of lyrics, same chord pattern)
He went off to Congress and served a spell,
fixin' up the government and laws as well,
he took over Washington so I hear tell
and patched up the crack in the Liberty bell.
Davey, Davey Crockett, seeing his duty clear.

When he come home, his politickin' done, 
why the westward march had just begun,
so he packed his gear and his trusty gun 
and lit out a grinnin' to follow the sun.
Davey, Davey Crockett, a leadin' a pioneer.

He heard of Houston and Austin and so,
to the Texas plains he just had to go, 
their freedom was fightin' another foe
and they needed him at the Alamo!
Davey, Davey Crockett, king of the wild frontier...

A nice song popular to everyone (1955) sang by Fess Parker.

T. Armstrong    April 1997
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