Monika - Yes I Do chords

Singer/band: Monika
Song: Yes I Do
Album: Exit (2010)
Tabbed by Chris Harris

-----Capo on 3rd Fret------

(scroll down to see the 1st Solo)

Am Dm27 of December is arrived and i think its Saturday.
GGreece is turning into white and its cold.
C E AmWe dont really care.
Am I keep thinking of the way that we were met
DmFeels like its a fairy tale
GYoure the princess the most beautiful Ive seen
C E AmI am just a prince
AmI can make you play
DmI can make you smile
G C E AmI can make you safe in my foolish arms
AmYoure my sweetest kiss
DmYoure my immortality
G C E AmYoure my pretty world spins inside my little mind little mind
AmNow were kissing and were saying to each other
DmJust a little I do
GBut the thing is what we really want say
C E AmIt cannot be said
AmAnd I promise I will never let that death
DmTake you from me anyway
GIll throw us stars, stars. Stars
C E AmTo wish well never die
AmYoure my brightest sun
DmYoure my crystal sea
GYoure my loudest rhythm
C E AmBeats inside my heart
AmI will make you laugh
Dm GI will make you fly to the shinny skies where
C E AmWhere well live in happiness.
Solos are easy 1st Solo 2nd string: something like 5-3-5-6-3-1 2 Solo 1st String: something like 8-7-5-7-8-10-8-7 7-5-4-5-7-5 Just hit each note several times and use your ear a little bit. It's easy. ------- Chris Harris ---------------------------------
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