Monika – Our Love Or How We Lost It chords


Am C(X2)
[Verse 1]
Am CYou get up now, you got to work
Am CI'll wake up now, I got to go
Dm Ccause every time I lose you my body kneels
Dm CI want to give a try but it's pulling me down
[Verse 2]
Am CYou go crazy and I go mad
Am Cthings got lazy, so what?
Dm CThe mystery won' t sail until we die
Dm CI' m acting like a child and it' s pulling me down
[Verse 3]
Am CMan, you need me and I need you
Am CYes, I feel it, you feel it, too
Dm CThe purity of tears, the plans we never made
Dm CI wanna make them real but it's pulling me high
FI' m sick of all the mess in your mind
Fand I'm sick of all the mess in your eyes, in your acts,
F Amin your wrong supposedly life!
Amsupposedly life...
FI'm tired of all your doubts on my words
Fand I'm tired of all your doubts on my life,
F Amon your life, nothing, nothing more to tell!
Ammore to tell...
FI wanna dance and a smile,
FI wanna smile, let me laugh,
F Amacting silly, looking silly for desicions you don' t take!
Amyou don't take...
F Am(X4)
(go silent) [Verse 4]
Am CGod, I miss you, I miss you
Am Cand when I miss you,...(exhale)
Dm Ccause every time I sing, I do it for you
Dm Cit's the only thing I have and share with you
AmLa, la, la, la
CLa, la, la (fade out)
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