Monster Truck – Old Train tab

                             OLD TRAIN - Monster Truck
Tabbed by:  Davo1979

Tuning:  D Standard

Intro/Chorus: (Pre-Verse)d|-------------------------------------------| d|--------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------|F|-------------------------------------------| (X3) F|-----------------------7~-| C|------------5-------------5----------------| C|--------------------7~-7~-|G|------7p5-----7~--7-7p5-----7-7p5----------| G|-7--5---------------7~-5~-|D|--0-0-----7-------------7---------7-5h6h7--| D|-------7--6--5--3---5~----|
Verse: E E G A Ed|----------------------------------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------------------------|F|----------------------------------------------------------------|C|------------------------------------------5---5-----------5-----|G|------7p5---5-7~-----7p5---5-7~-----7p5-----7---7-5---5-7---7~--|D|--(0)-----7--------------7--------------7-----------7-----------|
Verse 1: E G A E I hear my train, down the tracks, my heart is beating like an engine E G A E The summer air, fills my lungs, I'm moving on baby I may never come back E G A E The bells are ringing, the whistle sounds, metal on metal singing out through the sky E G A E A rusty tin can, my mobile home, as long as it keeps on moving Chorus: E G A E E G A E Old train keeps on moving Verse 2: E G A E The sun is rising, birds are singing, I'm moving cross country feeling mellow E G A E I can't remember, remember when, I called a place home more than a week at a time E G A E This empty heart, keeps on beating, a place set aside for you honey E G A E From Chicago to New Orleans, I swear I ain't gonna settle down Chorus: E G A E E G A E (2x) Old train keeps on moving ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato ************************************
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