Monster Truck – The Lion tab

                             THE LION - Monster Truck
Tabbed by:  Davo1979

Tuning:  Full Step down

Intro:d|-----------------------------|A|-----------------------------| F|-----------------------------| (3x)C|---5~----5~----5~-7----------| G|--------------------7-5-7~---|D|-00-0--00-0--00-0------------|
E E-G E-Gd|-----------------------------|A|-----------------------------|F|-----------------------------|C|--------------------5~----5~-|G|--------------------5~----5~-|D|-0----(0)--------00-3~-00-3~-|
Verse 1: E I'm low low, low baby I'm ready for a rest E-G E-G E E-G E-G-F#-E-D I've been beat down, bruised and injured and I just ain't looking my best
Chorus: (Riff #1) (Riff #2) D (Riff #1) (E-G E-G-F#-E-D) [A,G,E] [A,G,E]I'm down, but I'm not defeated d|-----------| d|-----------| D (Riff #2) (E-G E-G-F#-E-D) A|-------8~--| A|-----------|So long, I've been feeling this way F|----7h9----| F|-----------| D (Riff #1) (E-G E-G-F#-E-D) C|-7/9-------| C|-----------|I'm down, but I'm not defeated no, no G|-----------| G|------5-7~-| D [Intro] D|-----------| D|-5h6h7-----|A new life, starts today
Verse 2: E Gonna rise, up, above this man I'm gonna keep my two feet on the ground E-G E-G E E-G E-G-F#-E-D Ain't gonna back down, run for cover, gonna turn all this bulls*** around (Chorus) ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note | b Bend ************************************
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