Morrissey – My Life Love tab

From: Stark 

This is how I play Morrissey's My Love Life, the KROQ live version at
least.  The studio version skips the part guitar I plays in the intro,
and goes straight into the main riff.  On the version Alain Whyte and co.
play live, the main riff is played alot more freely (strummed more).  
I realize there are a lot of inaccuracies in my tab, but I just
tried to produce a rough sketch.  I would appreciate it if anybody
could mail me, or post, corrections.


My Love Life - from the KROQ recording session

Intro:Guitar I: G C A D|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------||-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------||-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------||---5-5---5-5---5-|---5-5-5---5---5-|---7-7---7-7---7-|---7-7-7---7---7-||------------5----|-3-------3---3---|-------------7---|-5-------5---5---||-3----3----------|-----------------|-5-----5---------|-----------------|
Guitar II: * G C A D|-3------------3--|-----------------|-0---------------|-----------------||-3------------3--|-5------4--------|-3---------------|-----------------||-4------------4--|-5------4--------|-3---------------|-----------------||-5------------5--|-5------4--------|-3---------------|-----------------||-5------------5--|-3------2--------|-0---------------|-----------------||-3------------3--|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
* Note: every other time instead this is played, I think... A D |-----------------|-----------------| |-7---------------|-----------------| |-7---------------|-----------------| |-7---------------|-----------------| |-5---------------|-----------------| |-----------------|-----------------|
Main riff, something sort of like this: G C A D|---3-3-3---3---3-|---3-3-3---3---3-|---5-5-5---5---5-|---5-5-5---5---5-||-3-------3---3---|---------5---5---|-7-------7---7---|-7-------7---7---||-----------------|-5---------------|-7---------------|-7---------------||-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------||-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------||-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
For the chorus(?) part, I use this shape to play all the chords, sliding the chords:
E A D G B E|-----------||--*--------||-----------||----*-*-*--|
Here's the song: Intro times 4 Repeat main riff until chorus come on to my house come on and do something new I know you love, one person but why can't you love two? (chorus) E G D C D give a little something E G D *C D * note: pick with first three strings give a little something and slide chords (main riff) to my love life my love life my love life oh.. I know you love one person why don't you love two? etc... ========================================================================= Someone else please post more Smiths/Morrissey, Pixies, J&M Chain, Sex Pistols, Lush, or anything else slightly "alternative", that guitar magazines fail to comprehend. Good night, and thank you, Jerry, (
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