Moxy Fruvous – The Drinking Song tab

Intro and Chorus:
        G    D7     G
And the band played on

       G    C5     D
As the helicopters whirred

C            A7           G    Em
Drunk on the lawn in a nuclear dawn

   G      D       G
My senses finally blurred

D7       G            C5               G
He was a rock, to the end a solid reminder

         Am      D7
Couldn't deny a friend

D7              G             C5          G
We lived in the noise and the sweet amber posion

Bm                          C
Peekin' up the skirt of the end

D7       G      C5                        G
And we'd drink, two gnarly dudes and some records

          Am              D7
Much like plates of black food

D7               G      C5           G
We filled up our faces, saw some far places

Bm                       C    D7
Stood on the roof in the nude


Between poles, he said "we're like cows in the grass"
Brushing off flies
Chaise lounging around standing up, falling down
'Till we no longer opened our eyes
And we'd drink, ever notice how drinking's like war
Cup 'o' troops o'er the gums
To the end of our health a campaign 'gaisnt myself
Armed with bourons and scotches and rums


Think of bombs, we're poised on the edge of disaster
Whether it's right or it's wrong
We opened the window, played some Nintendo
Sang a few bars of some pretty old song:

	G C   G          D     G
	Irene goodnight, Irene goodnight

        G         G7       C
	Goodnight Irene goodnight Irene

             G      D7     G        D7
	I'll see you in my dreams

Oh to dream, those impotent bones of extinction
Flying graceful and free
None but the best cause the man cannot rest
'Till he's finally beaten his me


'Till the end, he passed out on the sun deck that morning
Quietly saying goodbye
But I was so hammered I sputtered and stammered
Told him he couldn't just die
He was a rock, went straight for his own armageddon
Face froze in a grin
Ambulance flyin' in I never drank again
Can't really call that a loss or a win

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