Muffs – Everywhere I Go tab

G   D   G   D   G   D   C    D

G          D
  It's not what I can't see.

G        D
  It's not what I can't hear.

G           D                C           D
  It doesn't trouble me, but still it's around

G          D
  You know what I'm thinkin'

G               D
  And when I'm celebratin'

G             D              C       D
  I feel your eyes on me, but I can't see you.

C          D         G
  You understand I'm not afraid

C          D        G
  Of your complete devotion now

C           D    G           C
  But if it ever gets out of hand

I'll bring you down...


G    D       G         C
Everywhere I go we are there (3 times)

        a min        D
Can you see?  You're driving me insane...

G   D   G   D   G   D   C   D

Repeat verse chords with these lyrics:
I'm not advertising
Or am I criticizing
But if I had a choice
You'd leave me alone
It's not that I've done wrong
I never think I'm wrong
But when you're watching me, I feel so guilty.

Repeat bridge chords with these lyrics:
It's not the way I've thought it'd be
The lack of all my privacy
And if it ever gets out of hand
I'll bring you down...

Repeat chorus

Solo played over verse chords

Repeat second bridge

Repeat chorus twice
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