Muffs - Sad Tomorrow tab

Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 18:11:32 EST
Subject: TAB: Sad Tomorrow by the Muffs

here's Sad Tomorrow by the Muffs, from the album Blonder and Blonder.
sorry I don't know the name of the one chord, so I called it H.
here goes:

	I don't even know why, do you think I'm a mess

    H	         C        A               G
	maybe someday but now you're gone, when I do as I please,

                             H        C      A     
	I'm indifferent to me, am I crazy or have good luck?

	C		A   C		A    C	     D   D  (hit Dstrings open) 			
	you're in the time, all of the time, so you say: oh-ho,

	G  H             G      H             G            C         A
	I don't know why you're so glad, when my head's filled with sorrow,

	   G     H    G    H              A     C      G   
	so maybe if I fade away, there'll be no sad tomorrow...yeah

	repeat for rest o' song! the solo is ROUGHLY:

A:--2--3-2-1----2-3-2-1-5-5-6-6--7-8-9-6-5-4----2--3-2-1----2 E:-3-3------3--3-----------6----7-----------5--3-3------3--3
A:-3-2-1-5-5-6-6--7-7-8-9-10 E:----------6----7---8------
that's it! hope I did this right! send complaints & love letters, blah blah to
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