Muffs – Outer Space chords

(D)I'm pathetic now(G)
(E)Want to take a (A)ride with me
(D)To another (G)place
(E)With my funny (A)face

(D)And if you say everything is (G)alright
When you look in my (D)eyes
Do I look (A)away or am I telling (D)lies
Do you know where I (G)am
I (D)really (A)want you (D)to
(G)I'm (D)here (A)in outer (D)space

(D)Welcome to my (G)world now
(E)By myself but (A)I don't care
(D)If you think I'm (G)funny
(E)Talk to me when (A)I'm not there

(D)You won't get a lot out of (G)me
I really want you to (D)see
That I'm wasting (A)away in a fantasy(D)
Do you know where I (G)am
I (D)really (A)want you (D)to
(G)I'm (D)here in (A)outer (D)space

(C)Well here I go (F)again (B)now
(C)I might as (F)well be (B)dead
(C)Why should I be (F)living
When it's all in my (D)headWhere should I go?
Where maybe baby I notice it (woo!) ..................................
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