Mundy – Linchpin tab

                                 by Mundy

Tabbed by *Alan4*
Standard Tuning

(Intro x2) Verse 1: D A G I've noticed that you can't even bear to look and see D A G Take out your drunken eyes and learn just how to be D A G I hear you calling but you will not let me speak D A G Can't hide it anymore your wall's about to leak A Em You gotta let me in A Em To pull the roots A Em You better let me in A Em To find the truth Chorus: D A G Pull the linchpin D A G Pull the linchpin Verse 2: D A G It's got to end now it has gone way too far D A G The sparkle robber overdosed in his car D A G They found a note that he left on the ground D A G Said yours was the strongest sparkle that he'd ever found (Chorus) Bridge: Em F#m G And it's nearly over Em F#m G And you're my lover Em F#m G And it won't be over (Chorus Repeat)
Tabs: D A G Em F#mE---3---0---3---0---2---|B---2---2---3---0---2---|G---3---2---0---0---2---|D---0---2---0---2---4---|A---0---0---2---2---4---|E---0---0---3---0---2---|
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