Mundy – July tab

JULY(mexico/july aa side single)
          Lyrics and music by Mundy
              finger picked,drop D,capo 5th fret in the key of D
                  First chord being G F#bass G Em7 D…etc

July please,
I’m on my knees,
        C                     Am7      G
The smell of your fresh cut grass,
Your blue sky grins
For all its sins
   C                      Am7         G
Look another gorgeous levi ass
  C              C (Bbass)
July people come and go
    C                  Am7            G
It looks like another perfect day
Just to see your 
Striptease show
 C                Am7                 G
July please try your best to stay

          Am7       Bbass      G
And a mongrel begins to bark
          Am7    Bbass    G
At a wino in the park
            Am7  Bbass   G
and his owner doesn’t care 
          Am7   Bbass    C
‘cause he really isn’t there…………….

C                      C(Bbass)          C
Oh! ma ma ma,oh! ma ma ma,oh! ma ma ma
Am7  G
My july(x2)

C                        C(Bbass)
July,fizz bombs in my mouth,
C         Am7         G
Babarama everywhere,
C                          C(Bbass)
I can’t lie on my pocket trout

C           Am7                 G
So I sit back in the easy chair

            Am7       Bbass   G
And a woman of middle age
             Am7         Bbass      G(7)
Licks and thumbs annother page
               Am7          Bbass     G
Then she brushes off the dirt 
   Am7        Bbass       C
From her greyhound skirt(and all the boys go)


BRIDGE    Am7   Gbass    Am7      Bbass       G      (x2)

           Am7     Bbass    G
And a baby sucks its thumb 
           Am7    Bbass     G
To the sound of a steel drum
           Am7   Bbass   G
And fountain water gush
                     Am7  Bbass G
Through the thick bull rush(everybody)

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